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Welcome to PVAF

PVAF (Perthshire Visual Arts Forum) is run by a voluntary group of artists living and working in and around Perth. 

pvaf workshop © pvafPVAF is a constituted group of artists who organise events in Perthshire in order to network local artists with each other and internationally. Our events provide inspiration, information and opportunities for career oriented artists.

Perthshire is a large mainly rural county with many artists living and working within its boundary as well as in adjacent counties. The first PVAF event in 2005 was held as a way of finding these artists, of breaking their isolation and looking for common ground between people working across many different art forms and agendas. Net- working with each other and with artists from other places and creating a climate of inspiration were major goals. Each subsequent event has built on the very positive feedback and evaluations received and each year new initiatives have been added, past events can be found via the  Archive page of this site.


PVAF welcomes new members and it's currently free.
You will get email newsletters about our events and newsflashes in advance. Invites to our events, openings, workshops, masterclasses and conferences. Friendly access to many talented and experienced artists in all media. 
Join now and be part of PVAF. Any questions or wish to join go 'here'.

The PVAF Story

This video was created to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of Perthshire Visual Arts Forum. It includes interviews with its founders and provides an insight into how and why PVAF came about. It was first shown at the PVAF forum on 7 November 2015, Birnam Arts Institute. Scotland.

Perthshire Visual Arts Forum ~ the past 10 years from Perthshire Visual Arts Forum on Vimeo.

Supported by Perth & Kinross Council


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