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Darkness Reflected - A collaborative Exhibition


darkness reflected © George Logan/Chris Partridge 2017Christine Partridge & George Logan

A collaborative exhibition of paintings, sculpture, photography and video that explores the transformation of experience through finding insight and beauty in the darkest of places.

17 - 28th February 2017
Patriothall Gallery.
1 Patriothall off Hamilton Place, Stockbridge, Edinburgh. EH3 5AY
11am - 5pm
Opening night: Thursday 16th February, 6 - 8pm
Artists talk: Saturday 25th February, 11.00 - 12.30

Ways into Drawing with Aileen M Stackhouse


drawing by Eileen StackhouseWays into Drawing with Aileen M Stackhouse, Contemporary Fine Artist and Sculptor:
Ways into Drawing - One - Fridays from 13/01/17 until 03/03/17 between 13.30 and 15.30

Ways into Drawing - Two - Mondays from 12/01/17 until 02/03/17
In these two blocks of classes we will look at our ideas of what drawing. Classes will be small, a maximum of six.

Many of us feel we cannot draw at all. Many of us who do draw want to try out different methods because we feel we are in a rut.
We will explore our ideas using our imagination, we will experiment with different drawing materials and methods. We will create art, relax and have fun.

Our drawing will use mark-making, pattern, colour, sketchbooks/journals, collage, drawing with music and drawing outdoors.

By the end of February our drawings will begin to show that everyone who wants to draw can draw.

All are welcome.
Cost: £80
Venue: Create at Nest, 30 Reform Street, Blairgowrie.
For details of how to book and more information about these classes, one to one tutorials,
workshops or commissions, please email:
or book online at

Richard Prince - artist or thief ?


This is a very interesting video with an interview with Richard Prince and the photographers whose work Prince has appropriated or stolen depending on your point of view. The particular imagery under discussion is work from the Marlboro cigarette campaign, showing the 'all American' cowboy. Though Prince has used other work and has turned his attention more recently to a softer target (non professional mostly) in Instagram.
The video is a fair and balanced overview of whether its is appropriation or just plain theft. To the photographers (and as a photographer myself) its theft. Specifically as it is straight copying, following cropping from the printed advert, with no re contextualising except within an art gallery world. It is however more complex and brings into discussion Copyright, fair use and the art market.

The three photographers (Norm Clasen, Sam Abell and Jim Brady) who created the original work are very highly respected and experienced, Sam Abell in particular having created personal imagery of great beauty and imagination from around the world. 
So why does this matter ? Think if you made a piece of work and someone copied it and used it virtually straight elsewhere, without crediting you, irrespective of any money they might make from it. Would you be happy or annoyed ? Some might not care and say 'what the hell' but I think if you value your art and the effort you have put into the work, as well as your unique artistic vision then it should matter and be of concern.

George Logan

Creative Scotland Visual Arts Sector Review


Lots of words and many graphs highlighting the state of the Arts in Scotland. A worthy read ?, you decide; HERE

Creative Scotland Visual Arts Sector Review



Birnam Arts
Saturday 26th November 2016
1pm - 4.30pm

You are warmly invited to join us for the PVAF AGM on Saturday 26th November. This is your opportunity to meet fellow artists and members and to be part of shaping the future of PVAF as an organisation created by and for its members. We will be discussing the future of PVAF and voting on the new proposal.
If you haven't had the chance to do the survey yet, there's still time! Go to

It will also be a chance to hear more about Perth’s City of Culture bid and to be part of the discussion on how PVAF could respond to this opportunity.

Meeting Agenda/timetable

1.00pm Welcome
1.10pm Chair's report
1.30pm Re-visioning PVAF - online survey results and final proposal, discussion and
voting on final proposal
2.15pm Collaborative Working - a chance to hear from some PVAF artists about
their experience of collaboration on a project/artwork
2.45pm Break and networking
3.10pm Perth City of Culture bid - an interactive discussion on how PVAF wishes
to respond to this opportunity
3.50pm Finance Report
4.00pm Committee retention and election
4.30pm Finish

We look forward to seeing you there, all welcome!

Crossing Borders - Pauline McGee


Re-visioning PVAF


Following on from celebrating ten years as an organisation the committee has been discussing how we embrace the future given the current cultural landscape, our limited resources and the fact that PVAF is run by volunteers.

As a result of our discussion we are developing a proposal to present to members at the AGM in November. We would like to get your views on our draft proposal (see below) via a short survey (web link below) and we will take all your feedback into consideration as we shape a final proposal to present at the AGM for members to discuss and vote on. Draft proposal

  • A new mission statement - “Enable a creative environment that supports and nourishes an artists practice”
  • Renaming PVAF to Perthshire Visual Arts (PVA)
  • Charging a small membership fee
  • Asking members to re-join the organisation which will remain constituted as a charity
  • A focus on collaborations (such as Folds and Porticos); exhibition opportunities; workshops & Masterclasses; crit groups; partnerships and creative exchanges with creative partners
  • AS PVA we see ourselves as a grassroots organisation of professional and professionally orientated artists supportive of artists being independent in a non-funded practice. We also see the organisation as having the potential to be a critical friend in the wider cultural and creative landscape

To give us time to prepare for the AGM meeting, please give us your views by taking the survey by the end of October. If you would prefer to respond via email, please feel free to get in touch at

Please do take a few minutes to give us your opinions about the proposals, it really is a short survey and your responses will help greatly in shaping the future of PVAF. Thank you.

Link to survey:

PVAF Committee Meetings on the Road for Autumn 2016


Following on from our meeting at Create at NEST last weekend, PVAF continues on the road next month, taking its next meeting to The Watermill, Aberfeldy on Saturday 29th October 2.30 - 4ish

Come along and meet us, join us for tea and cake and find out more about PVAF's activities and plans..

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