Crieff Art Salon, Strathearn Community Campus, 21 March 2013

THIS was the fourth PVAF Art Salons to be held throughout Perth and Kinross during 2012 and 2013.

The Salons aim to provide a relaxed, informed but informal environment in which to meet and discuss art, culture and ideas.

Guest speaker for the evening was Fraser MacDonald who talked about his public art commission at Strathearn Community Campus and other projects in which he has been involved. This provided an insight into both community based art projects and the various ways artists solve the difficulty of continual employment and finance.

Following the talk, members had an opportunity to critically discuss work in progress in a session led by artist and lecturer Catherine King.

Another discussion session, on how we engage with our work, was led by artist and art therapist Pauline McGee

Finally, needs, wants and provision for the creative arts within Perth and Kinross were discussed in a session led by Helen O'Brien from PKC's Arts Development Service.

Images all copyright of Gerry Leeper.
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