'Drawing Together' Birnam Arts and Conference Centre
2 November 2013

'Drawing Together' grew out of information and ideas gathered from the PVAF art salons held in 2012 and 2013 and endeavoured to build on the network of artists formed by previous forums to forge stronger local networks.

The intention was to encourage both conversation and direct experiences through offering a programme of talks and hands-on drawing workshops by practising local and international professional artists.

Eddie Summerton (the day's chair) enthusiastically introduced and provided thought provoking commentary about the artists throughout the day.

Ilana Halperin, the main speaker, from, New York, now Glasgow-based, described how her work explores relationships between geological phenomena and daily life. Her work combines fieldwork in diverse locations (museums, archives, laboratories) with active studio-based practice.

Five drawing workshops and demonstrations followed which were repeated in the afternoon - this meant delegates could sample two different approaches

Kenny Bean explored drawing with light and the use of the camera obscura.

Kate Downie used the iPad as a potentially socially interactive drawing tool.

David Faithfull took sketchbooks outside and explored the use of different materials and techniques (unintimidated by the weather).

Debbie Smyth ran workshops using thread and pins as a drawing medium.

James Wyness explored the relationship between drawing and sound.

After the afternoon's workshops 'Spreading our Wings' featured three short talks given by artists whose practice has taken them far beyond Scotland during the last year.

Su Grierson told us about her residency in Fukoshima, working within the area of radiation that resulted after the tsunami of 2011

Liz Kemp described her work in Kenya encouraging a group of secondary school girls to produce a large mural.

Pat Law described her experience of sailing around the coastline of Svalbard in a tall ship during her Artic Circle residency in 2012.

Finally everyone was invited to contribute to a large floor drawing, allowing everyone to draw together and create a final piece of (very experimental!) work.

Images all copyright of Gerry Leeper.

Links to websites of all participating artists

Eddie Summerton
Ilana Halperin
Kenny Bean
Kate Downie
David Faithfull
Debbie Smyth
James Wyness
Su Grierson
Liz Kemp
Pat Law
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