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Perthshire is a large mainly rural county with many artists living and working within its boundary as well as in adjacent counties. The first PVAF event in 2005 was held as a way of finding these artists, of breaking their isolation and looking for common ground between people working across many different art forms and agendas. Net- working with each other and with artists from other places and creating a climate of inspiration were major goals. Each subsequent event has built on the very positive feedback and evaluations received and each year new initiatives have been added, many of which can be found on the Events page of this site.

Drawing Together 2013drawing_together_2013
Perth Art Salon 2013perth_art_salon
Crieff Art Salon 2013crieff_art_salon
Blairgowrie Art Salon 2013blairgowrie_art_salon_2012
Kinross Art Salon 2013kinross_art_salon_2012
Aberfeldy Art Salon 2012aberfeldy_art_salon_2012
PVAF Forum 2011photos2011 (11K)
Natural ConnectionsnaturalConnections (11K)
Encounters with PlaceencountersWithPlace (21K)
Encounters with TimeencountersWithTime (19K)
Encounters with Eventperth800 (27k)
Perth 800perth800 (30k)
Fire and icefire_ice (32K)
PVAF 20102010 (27K)
Forms of Narrative
- members exhibition
forms_members (26K)
Forms of Narrative
- the exhibition
forms-of-narrative-exhibition (30k)
Forms of Narrative
- the workshops
formsOfNarrative-workshop (30k)
PVAF Exhibition Scene2scene2 (30K)
PVAF Exhibition Scene1scene1 (30K)
PVAF 20082008 (1K)
Art Trail PVAF 2008artTrail (1K)
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PVAF 20052005 (1K)
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