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Lynsey’s work is an investigation into the relationships between our surroundings and ourselves, how we view nature and the reassurance that it offers to us through its beauty, power and resilience. Inspired by spiritual teachings and philosophies, Lynsey seeks to bring a sense of being ‘in the moment’ to her paintings, where our fears dissolve and we experience joy. She expresses this through her interests in the influence of light within micro-environments, such as gardens and woodlands, where she spends much of her time. Lynsey captures the brilliance and variety of colours that can be found in these places through the use of a camera, which is in turn interpreted into painting.

The camera acts as a means of recording, preserving a precious moment in time so that the viewer can, perhaps, further appreciate the spectacular displays that nature provides in every moment. The camera is intentionally set out of focus to varying degrees, so that the colours meld into one another, allowing the light to dance around the images, revealing beautiful patterns and shapes. Lynsey’s work, rather than being straightforward botanical studies, brings an ethereal quality to the imagery, pushing the viewer beyond their natural focal point into the peripheries and beyond. These works, painted right to the edges of the canvas and left unframed, give a sense of expansion and being without boundaries. The viewer is allowed the experience of the enormity and limitlessness of nature, and of their own divine nature, where all is possible.

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