Fire & Ice - The Exhibition

The exhibition "Fire & Ice' and associated Myths and Legends was held at the Museum at The Scottish Crannog Centre as part of the week long Fire & Ice event run by The Perthshire Visual Arts Forum, The Scottish Crannog Centre and Perth & Kinross Council's Arts team.
The exhibition was organised by a PVAF sub committee lead by Ellen McBride and was developed to interact with the existing museum artefacts.

Due to the extreme weather which prevented artists, the hanging team and a large number of the artworks reaching the venue a limited exhibition was shown over the final weekend only.

The full list of artists selected by Sarah Yearsley was:

Kate Antonio : Joy Arden : Karin Borlands : Julie Brook : Georgia Crook : James Curley : Caroline Dear : Genie Dee : Lynne Donald : Lorraine Ewan : Su Grierson : Jean Hill : Anita Hutchinson : Susheila Jamieson : Frances Law : Pat Law : Gerry Leeper : Douglas McBride : Ellen McBride : Caroline Mcgonigal : Kyle Noble : Charmian Pollock : Jackie Smith : Claudia Wegner : Clare Yarrington : Allison Weightman

Images from the works finally displayed are shown opposite. We look forward to a further display of work from all of these artists at Perth Theatre in March 2011 as Part 1 of the PVAF series of exhibitions called 'Encounters - with the elements' .

Images all copyright of the photographers.
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