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Working in my dry-stone lined bothy in the garden, with views over the hills, I am frequently inspired by this landscape that is reflected in my mosaics. Flowers in abundance feature in the majority of my exhibition pieces, as well as in private commissions. While many of my pieces are considered ‘decorative art’, I also enjoy making mosaics with a more practical purpose such as mirrors, tabletops and garden items.
In producing my mosaics, I aim to be true to myself and my interest in recycling and sustainability by incorporating many recycled materials, using pique assiette - a style of mosaic that incorporates pieces of broken ceramics; plates, dishes, cups, tiles and other found objects into the design. Many items are sourced from friends or from Crieff producers, giving the finished mosaic a sense of a ‘patchwork’ quality to it with provenance attached to each tesserae. I also use tempered glass (broken car windows) with a sweet wrapper collage underneath in some mosaics. The surface used for many of my mosaics originates from discarded kitchen units.

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