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I consider myself to be an eco-flaneur who “stalks the countryside” in rural Perthshire, which is the inspiration from where my art practice has evolved. I document my derives through this lush and layered landscape using a variety of approaches and a diverse range of media, from drawing, painting and printmaking to sculpture, performance, intervention and poetry. The large majestic trees and fragile, ephemeral plants and fungi act as metaphors for the themes which I explore through my art; melancholia, memories and mortality.

Walking is an integral part of my practice which leads me to create fictitious maps and artist’s books inspired by my observations of abstract details, patterns in nature and micro-geographies.

The natural landscape holds a strong part of my identity, and wandering within it triggers memories through all of my senses; what is present and what is absent, the here and now or the essence of what was or has been. Site-inspired connections are often found in my work, and researching the invisible histories and events which shape the space of the landscape allows me to gain a better understanding of place.

A compulsive collector, I scavenge sincerely, using found fragments to hint at histories and narratives within my work. Foraged fauna feature as materials of choice with which I have formed a close relationship through the process of gathering, preparing, preserving and making. It also provides further layers of meaning to my work through the folklore and mythology and symbolism connected to the plants I use.

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