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My current work has been inspired by an avenue of ancient beech trees hidden in a small private wood in Northumberland. Struck by their beauty and the marks time has left on their sinuous forms, I am carrying out a conversation in pencil, paint, wax, fire, photographs and words. Curious to understand, I am letting my self be pulled down unexpected avenues of exploration – the history of these trees, their biology, the role of fungi in the cycle of life and the mythology of beech trees.

The themes I am exploring through this on-going conversation is the sensual embodiment of being fully present, the beauty and vulnerability of ageing and the reality of impermanence as evidenced by the resilience and creative adaption of these trees as they move towards their death. These trees are a reminder of the wealth of potential embedded in senescence and how embodied acceptance of ‘what is’ brings with it a certain quality of presence that has its own subversive beauty.

‘All life is an act of letting go’ Life of Pi

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