Artist portfolio - Clare Yarrington

In my work I explore the fluid and shifting boundaries between the wild landscape and our own selves. Drawing on my previous work as an archaeologist and my interest in walking and climbing, my artwork reflects the continuing process of creation and destruction within the natural world, from geological strata to paths and climbing routes, from ancient stone circles to classical ruins, from wave swept beaches to wind eroded cliffs.

Drawing provides me with the most direct response to this theme and both painting and printmaking allow me to develop some of the ideas. But I often work with collage, piecing together scraps of my own superseded prints and drawings in a process similar to the archaeological method of reconstructing the past from a few material remains. It is a way of working that also reflects how we remember usually only fragments of our experiences. Collage is an organic and intuitive way of working that allows free experimentation with ideas, perspective, line, form, texture and colour creating results which are multi-layered and visually dynamic. 

All images copyright © Clare Yarrington

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